Monday, July 07, 2008

Gina K & A Card for my Niece

My new Gina K stamp set came in this weekend and I couldn't wait to make a card. As some of you know, I have Crohn's disease, which causes me to spend a lot more time than I'd like in the bathroom. I know, that might be TMI, but I thought this set was perfect for me and my twisted sense of humor. So I finally ordered it! When it came in I thought this would also make a perfect card for my niece, who is potty training. I'll be sending this one to her when she goes in the potty like a big girl. I added 2 eyelets around the bottom of the potty and some cute little clips I had and never used.

I also ordered some Nestabilities this weekend and I can't wait for them to come in. I have seen so many projects using them and have been thinking about getting some for a while.

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Jennifer said...

You have to have a sense of humor with a disease like crohn's, I too suffer from this unpredictable disease, and have learned how to make jokes of my bathroom habits. Very pretty card!