Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TAC- Gerberadaisy & Blog Candy

I made another card that ended up using the colors from yesterday's color challenge on SCS. I have had this Gerbera daisy from TAC for a while. I used it several times when I first got it but it hasn't been out of the box since then. I really love this stamp so I pulled the box down last night. Thanks to my husband, Chris, I finally know how to watercolor better than I did. I'm nowhere as good as he is but I'm getting better. I used the striped paper in my retro paper pack I picked up the other day. I used my reinkers and blender pen to color the daisy. I scribbled off some color to do the light petals. Then, on the dark petals I went back and colored over it with my blue glitter pen. I did take another picture at another angle so you can see the sparkle. I can't wait to send some of these out! I made 6 of them.

I normally do that. When I sit down and make a card I try to make several of them so I have some ready to go when I need them. Do you do that? How do you make your cards? One at a time or do you make an assembly line? I'm curious. Do you make a little bit and then leave it to finish later? Or do you have to finish it before you get up from the table? I feel like this might be my blog candy question! I'll take a picture of the goodies I have to give away and post it soon. I'll pick a random number from the replies to this post! Good luck!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Color Challenge CC116

Now that it is summer time and I have the summer off I plan to do some more of the challenges on SCS. I normally lean towards th color and layout challenges.
Today was the color challenge CC116, which was chocolate chip, cool carribean, and garden green. I picked up a pack of Retro paper from Hobby Lobby last week when they had it half off. I knew this was perfect for the colors listed. After I stamped the U I went back and covered it with brown glitter. I just love that Martha Stewart glitter. It is so fine and there is a ton of it! I might have to go back and make some more of these cards!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Retro Bella & Glitterfly

Can you believe I stamped again today? My husband has been working on his models and I have been going in there with him and stamping. We listen to music, laugh, and cut up the whole time. It really is a lot of fun. I am always asking him about color combos and placement of things on the cards. And he is always wanting me to look at what he is doing or asking what I think about something he painted. It is our quality time together.

So this is my retro Bella. I saw this paper and I knew this Bella would be perfect for it! I used a little of that great glitter pen for the drink, although you can't see it in the picture. BTW, Chris found another use for that glitter pen, he uses it to color the bolts on his models so they pop! How funny is that!

I broke into my Basic Grey paper and made a few cards too. I just love this butterfly so I glittered it up with the glitter pen and I also added some of the Marth Stewart glitter I picked up when it first came out. I even took a close up of the butterfly so you can see how glittery it really is. I might have overdone it with the glitter. What do you think?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stamping All Day!

Boy have I been busy today! Now that school is out I don't have to go anywhere or do anything for a while. I decided to make some new cards tonight. I have been neglecting my SU stamps so I decided to pull them out and play!

The first card I made is with my Stinkin' Cute set. I love it and it makes such a cute little card! I used some DP (designer paper) I picked up at the LSS. The red ribbon is from Michael's, I got it a few weeks ago when they had it one sale.

For second card I dusted off the Cuttlebug! I also used some more the that DP that I have recently fallen in love with. I guess you can probably tell that I have been using it a lot! I went around the edge of the flower with my Gelly Roll glitter pen. I also used the ticket punch on the corners of the Not Quite Navy paper. I love the look it gives it!

My last card is a direct case from frisbee on SCS. I saw that card and I loved it! I just got that Basic Grey paper and that butterfly stamp so I just couldn't resist! I had all the goodies to make this one. I did put some ribbon on it but that is just about the only thing I changed.
I ordered some new stamps I have been dying to get. I can't wait until they come in so I can share them with you! Who knows, I might be feeling creative again tomorrow so you never can tell what I might post next!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blue Butterfly for Daddy!

I made my dad a Bella birthday card a little while back and I wasn't sure I really liked it. I mailed it to him but tonight we are going over to his house for dinner and we are going to take him a little gift. This is the new card I made for him. The butterfly stamp came in the mail today and I just had to ink it up! I water colored it with buckaroo blue and then colored over the wings with my glitter pen. The second picture gives you an idea of how glittery it really is.
I also used some of my new DP I picked up at Target and Hobby Lobby! I'm turning into a paper lover! I just love the extra texture the DP gives it! I hope my dad likes it! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm back... did you miss me?

I know I have been a slacker and some of you are asking about posts on the blog! Well, here you go! Can you believe I made something again? lol I have been really busy with everything here at the end of the school year. I have not had much time to come home to relax and stamp. So here is what I made this last weekend.
This first card is one I made for my dad's birthday. I feel like it was missing something but I didn't want to "girly" it up too much! So I sent it to him and I hope he likes it! Happy Birthday Daddy!
This second card I made I was tickled with! It is girly and has some of my favorite colors! I used my favorite Bella right now! Everytime I go to make a card I find myself picking up this stamp. I have also found that I have been loving this self adhesive pattern paper. My friend Trace got me several packs of this great paper and I use it all the time! I have been trying to use designer paper more and I have fallen in love with it!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

PMS Bella

I finally inked up my PMS Bella. I love this stamp! The paper is some my friend gave me, along with the green twill. It was a perfect match so I had to go with it. I also used Taken with Teal and Old Olive SU paper. I colored Bella with my prismacolor pencils. I really love the way this one came together!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I've been tagged!

Wendy said...
Hello! I've been blog surfing on new blogs I haven't seen before. You do beautiful work!! Your blog is fun to look at. I was tagged by another blogger and now I'm tagging you. Here's what you do... list 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 other bloggers! I'm on my way to tagging the others and listing 7 things about myself. Have fun!

OK, so I have been putting this off and I finally have time to sit down and come up with 7 things about myself.

1. I am an elementary school teacher. I have taught 1st grade for 3 years and 5th grade for 2 years. I love them both, but right now I teach 5th grade. I love this grade because I can teach them details about science, which I love!

2. Something a little funny, in high school I was a goth girl. I wore a lot of black and listened to some unusual music that was not main stream. If you know me this is hard to believe. However, I grew out of it.

3. I have my B.S., Master's degree, and Educational Specialist Degree- all in elementary education. I was working on my B.S. in Biology but I changed my major. So it took 7 years to get my undergraduate degree and 2 years to get both my masters and EdS. My dad jokes that I did it backwards. You are suppose to get your undergrad in 4 years and take longer to get your masters and EdS.

4. Every night I love taking long baths with a good book. I prefer mysteries and horrors. Some nights my hubby knocks on the door to make sure I'm still alive.

5. I watch scary movies with my hands over my face. When something scary happens I squeeze my fingers together so I can't see it. My husband picks at me and wants to know if I can squeeze my fingers together faster than I can close my eyes!

6. I collect frogs but I'm afraid of the real thing. However, I don't have a problem dissecting dead ones.

7. My kids (at school, I don't have any at home) think I'm a cool teacher who will talk about gross stuff. One told me the other day that I rock because I will talk to them about gross science stuff that no one else would talk about. If I remember correctly, the conversation had to do with surgery, organ donations, and the body farm.

8. I know I'm only suppose to do 7 but I just had to add this one. I'm a great shot! My hubby taught me to shoot and he is a great teacher. I have my own pistol (I got it for my anniversary) and here is my latest target:

Bella & Baby Boy

We needed a cute baby boy card so I whipped out my Nurse Bella with a cute little baby. I also used the paper that Chelase gave me. It had several patterns on it and I cut this one so it was all alone. I also used my prismacolor pencils to color the Bella. I did go back and add a little glitter on the fold of the blanket. I love the glitter pens and they are so easy to use! Just color over something to add some sparkle! BTW, the glitter pens I'm always talking about are the Gelly Roll glitter pens. I also have the metallic glitter pens in different colors.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Green Giraffe

I was playing around with my Wild About You set and I came up with this. The polka dot paper was in that self adhesive paper that my friend Trace gave me for my birthday. I used my new Martha Stewart pen to doodle around the edge of the main image. I also put a square paper clip I picked up at Staples for $1. I glittered the spots on the giraffe. That is some of my new Martha Stewart glitter that I am really loving!
School is almost out! We only have 9 more days with the kids and 11 more days to work. I can't wait to have all summer to stamp! I have been feeling pretty creative here lately. I don't know what has gotten into me! I almost have my little goodie together for my blog candy too! Keep checking back! I plan to get that posted before school is out here!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Thank you Chelsea!

WOW! Look at all this beautiful paper. I have a wonderful student named Chelsea (she looks at my blog and has even posted a sweet comment). The other day she was looking at my blog and I was showing her some of the designer paper I love using.

She told me she got a big pack of paper at Costco and she brought it to school today and wanted me to pick out some that I wanted. She told me that she had plenty and wanted me to get a sheet of each one I like. I was so tickled!

Thank you so much Chelsea! That was so very sweet of you.

I made a card to give to her tomorrow and I hope she really likes it! I'm going to write on a post it note so she can use it again! Of course it is a Bella card. I used the flower paper and it looks so good with the brown ribbon I picked up at Michael's. Chelsea, thank you again so much for the paper! I will get a lot of use out of it and you were very sweet to think of me! I have enjoyed having you in class and I will miss you next year!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Clear Paint Cans from Staples

I picked up these cute little paint cans at Staples. I think they were something like $3.99 each. I just had to get a few to try them out! All I did was cut the paper and put it on the inside of the can. Then I used my circle cutter and cut a piece of paper just big enough to go in the lid. I also used my cuttlebug to cut out the chipboard letters. I put the paper on some thin cardboard and ran it through. It cut like a dream! I put some pens, highlighters, paper clips, and binder clips inside.
I'm not sure why but I have gone binder clip crazy! I got several packs of them with different colors and designs on them. I have yet to use one on any card but I have quite a collection of them. I guess I'll have to take them to school to actually use them! Does anyone had any ideas of how to use them on a project? I know how to use them on a stack of papers that need to be graded, but other than that I'm clueless! My ribbon collection is also out of control! I took the duplicate Cuttlebug alphabet back to Michael's and I picked up a lot of glitter, ribbon, and some other goodies. I have so many rolls of ribbon and my rod that I put them on is full. I have one of those cute brown and green totes they had a Michael's and it is full of ribbon! I told my friend that I'm out of control with the ribbon! I should give some of it away but I just can't part with it! lol Is anyone else like that? Or am I the only one?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bella in her Martha Stewart Stuff

Last week I went to Michael's to check out the new Martha Stewart stuff. I love a lot of it and those huge jars of glitter are to die for! I bought several things and used them on this card. The blue paper is MS paper and it is not cardstock. It is a textured paper that adds a lovely element to the card. It is also great to stamp on. I'm not sure if you can see in this picture but I did stamp the little waves on it. The twill tape and glitter (on Bella's bathing suit) are also MS supplies. The glitter is so fine and it looks great on a card! I loved it so much that the next day and I went back to M's and bought some more stuff! I'm planning to go back tomorrow to see if there is anything else I can't live without! lol I ended up with a duplicate cuttlebug alphabet set so I'm taking it back and I'm going to get some more things for cards.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Baby Boy & My Hubby's Talent

Here I am posting again! It is way past my bedtime but I just had to show you what I made. I did these for my friend who is giving a baby shower to a co-worker. When I first made it I didn't have the dark ear on there and I just felt like it needed something else. There wasn't a good place to add any glitter like I normally do so I cut out some dark ears and added them to the cute little elephant from Wild About You.

I'm thinking I might be giving away some blog candy soon. I browsed through Michael's the other day an picked up a few goodies. So I'm tying to decide what I want base it on. Check back soon and I'll let you know!

BTW- have you checked out the Bella site? There is a new bella, wineabella. She is too cute! I have been adding more and more to my shopping card on that site and I think it's about time to hit submit.

School is almost out and I'll have all summer to make goodies and post to my blog. I plan to be very busy here!

I thought I would post a little something my husband made. He is into making those plastic model cars. They are so good that he has won awards at some shows and has even been featured in a magazine. He has been working on one for the last few weeks. It takes him a long time to finish because he puts so much detail into them. This thing has parts so small that you need a magnifying glass to see it. I love it when he is working on one because he is in the "hobby" room with me where I stamp. We listen to the radio and laugh a lot when we work together. He is always saying something like, "Honey, come look at this." And I'm always asking him, "Do you think this looks better here or here?" So take a look at what he is making. It is the engine he is building to put in the car. Keep in mind that you can put this tiny thing in the palm of your hand and still have plenty of room for other things. Do you see that little piece of blue on the left there? He used some of my SU cardstock to make a gasket for the engine! lol We are always sharing tools but I never expected him to raid my paper stash! At least he used the scraps!
I'm so proud of the work he does on these things. I am just amazed because I would never have the patience to make this. I would end up throwing it across the room! I can't work with things that tiny! I posted this 2nd picture so you can get an idea of how small these things are! This is a dash board that he made and it is on top of a piece of regular graph paper! I just wanted to share my hubby's wonderful talent with you too!
I'll be posting again soon!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another Bella in her Pjs

I used my Bella in her pjs again this weekend. I'm not sure if I like the way this one turned out. This great patterned paper was in the new K&Co. section at Michael's. It was in a little pack of paper to mat photos with. I knew it would be the perfect size to use on a card. I had a hard time pulling the correct colors but I gave it my best shot. I also used my new tab punch and the clear stamps I got from the dollar section at Michael's. So what do you think?