Saturday, December 02, 2006

Playing with Peaceful Wishes

I borrowed Peaceful Wishes and I have been playing around with it tonight. I love this set but I don't know if I would use it for anything other than Christmas cards. Since I know what I'm going to make for my Christmas cards I hate to buy it now. It was one of the sets I thought about buying when I purchased Lovely as a Tree. If it is still around I'll probably use it next year. However, I did get to play around with it and I'm in love with the simplicity of it!

On the first card I used glossy cs and stamped the images on it. Then I used a white crayon and colored around the image so it would look like snow on the branches. I then used brocade blue and sponged it all over the entire piece of glossy cs.

For the second card I used naturals cream to stamp on instead of white. It gives it more of an antique look I guess. I also did the heated ribbon on the organdy ribbon. Just heat it up with your heat gun and it makes it curl up on the edges. I love the way this heated ribbon looks on a card!

I must say that I love the snowman ornaments that Debbie posted on her blog. I finally got up the nerve to give it a shot and I love the way they turned out! Check out mine!

I had a hard time shading with a sharpie around the snowman but my DH has some stuff in his hobby desk to help me out. When I tried to color it to shade it would always look too dark and I thought I would have to throw it away and start again. I was so wrong!

Here are a few tips he gave me. I thought I would share them with you in case you are "shading" challenged like me! First he told me to ink up the end of a q-tip with the sharpie. Then rub the q-tip on a piece of paper until it almost looks like it won't color any more. It will be really light. Then you shade the area you want to add color to. This makes the color lighter than the original color of the sharpie. Then you use a cosmetic applicator (I got mine at Walmart) and blend in the color.

Now, what do you do it you mess up? Don't throw it away! Raid your husband's car stuff and find this: Mother's Mag & Aluminum Polish.
Put a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny bit on an cosmetic applicator and rub over the sharpie mess ups! It takes it right off and leaves the Stazon on the domino! I was so excited about this. I recruited him and he helped me make all of my ornaments.
Thanks so much for showing us how to make these on your blog Debbie! I took one to school last week and everyone loved them. I have used a whole box of dominos making these and now I can't find any more white dominos at my Walmart. I'm going to have to go on another shopping trip tomorrow so I can find some more!

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