Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I need white Stazon

OK, the white craft ink never dried on the transparencies. I have waited a few days and it is still wet and smears when I touch it. I have decided that the clear snowflake card will be the ones I make for my Christmas cards. Now I just have to get the white StazOn to finish them.

I'm placing a SU order tomorrow so I'll be getting lots of new goodies. I can't wait to get the order. I'm getting Big Pieces, Happy Everything, Sweet on You, and Love Matters. I'm going to order several new colors of paper and ink that I don't have yet. All my friends who stamp are amazed at the number of stamp pads I have but I never can get enough. I'm also getting ideas together to have a stamping party at the school where I teach. I have gotten a lot of ideas from SCS and I plan to do several Valentine's Day cards. As soon as I get the supplies I'll take pictures and post them to my blog. It will probably take a few weeks because the UPS man never gets here fast enough with my SU boxes! I guess I'll have to place the order before I start stalking the UPS man!

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