Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sucker Cards

I have seen so many of these cute little sucker cards and I just had to make one. I went and bought some sucker sticks instead of putting a real sucker on it so it wouldn't be too heavy to mail. I am thinking about making these as Valentine cards so I didn't want them to weigh too much. I just love this new designer paper from the SU Winter mini. I used the only circle punch I had to punch out the "sucker." I wish I had one that was a little smaller but I can't cut a straight circle so I just went with it.

I was also at a loss on what kind of adhesive to use to keep that little stick glued down to the paper. So, I decided to give my new UHU sample a try. I used the twist & glue. I put a little on the stick to glue the "sucker" on and I also used it to glue it to the page. I love the way you have the option to use a little tip to apply the glue or you can open it all the way to have a big flat tip. Of course I used the little tip for this project. It is in the process of drying right now but I'll let you know if it stuck. I live in the south and I have a hard time finding things that will stay stuck in this humidity.

I also made another sucker card but I think something is missing from this card. I feel like it needs something in the top right corner but what? Do you have any suggestions? I don't want it to be too much. I still want the sucker to be the focus but it looks a little bare.

I almost forgot to show you all what I got! My friend Trace gave me this cute little paper scrap vac! It is so cute. I used it tonight to vaccum all the little scraps and the pop up dot backs. Thanks Trace!


Wife2TJ said...

Absolutely adorable cards, very creative! Love the colors. That vac is sooo cute! I bet it comes in handy! Haven't tried that adhesive yet, but seen others have. Great job on the cards!

Michelle said...

I love those cards. I haven't seen the sucker cards. I need everything in the new Winter Mini. I love the little vac, I have not seen that before