Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cutest Snowman Ever!

I was looking around on SCS the other day and I found SweetMissDaisy's card using the cutest little snowman stamp. I went straight to Addicted to Rubber Stamps and placed an order. Both stamps are by Inky Antics. I love ordering from Addicted to Rubber Stamps because their shipping is so quick. The order shipped Thursday and it came in the mail today! And I didn't even have to pay for shipping because of a special they were running. Now if we could just get SU to ship and deliver that quick.

So I started playing around with the stamps because I wanted to make some thank you cards to send to people who get us Christmas gifts. I like to have them on hand so I can send them out right away. I also wanted to use the snowman but move away from the Christmas colors. So this is what I came up with. I used Cool Caribbean and Gable Green. You can't see it real well in the picture but I stamped the words under the last snowman on the right. I watercolored the snowman with Cool Caribbean, Gable Green, and Apricot Appeal. I need to add some glitter somewhere on this card but I was so excited about it that I wanted to add it to my blog!

Does anyone else have trouble taking pictures of their cards? I get so frustrated when I have to take pictures because I have to take 15 or so pictures to get one good one. My husband normally takes them for me because I'm so bad at it. The color is wrong or they are all blurry! I get so mad when I have to keep going back to make more and more pictures to get a good one.

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Wife2TJ said...

So funny you say that. I have the same problem. I have to take ATLEAST ten pictures of my cards to get a good shot, most of them come out fuzzy for some reason and I have a decent camera and all. Beautiful card, love that stamp, its too adorable!!! -Samantha