Monday, October 23, 2006

Trouble Came in the Mail

I just came back in from the mailbox and the Winter Mini is here! Oh No!!!! I will be broke for sure. Here is the list of all the sets I found that I want: Love Matters $26.95, Fancy Flexible Phrases $39.95, Like It a Latte $24.95, Designer Series Double-Sided Paper Love Me $8.95, Sweet on You $11.95, and Simply Sent Just K kit $39.95. Of course the Simply Sent kit I want is one of the limited editions. It can never been one that I can order later, wait, what does that mean? I want it now!

Chris was adding up my total as I was showing him all the things I want. I just love the little marshmallows in the Love It a Latte set! There are so many cute things I could do with that set. I just started drinking coffee within the last year or so. Chris gets up every morning when I get ready for work and he starts the coffee for me. Which is really sweet because he hates the smell of coffee!

Big Pieces is really cute too. That would be a great set to match Little Pieces, which I already have. Wait, that one wasn't even on my wish list! Oh, I'm in serious trouble!

I also love all the pastel colors with the brown on the cover. I can't wait until I can order some things out of this set. Hopefully I'll be able to wait and see if I get any money for Christmas before I place this order!

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