Monday, September 24, 2007

Secret Pals at Work

We have secret pals at work and I made some things for her this weekend. The first thing I made was a composition notebook with the red and black ladybugs. I should have made one of these for myself as well but then she might know who I am. It is a little hard to keep that a secret though because there is just one or two other people other than myself who makes things like this.
I also made some post it note holders, and as you can see, I made a few of these. The one for my secret pal has her name on it. The others I left blank for later. They were super easy to make. One of my past secret pals made me one of these and I love it. So I whipped up a few to give away as well. There is velcro on the inside flap to keep it closed.

And the last thing I made was this gift card box. I plan to get a gift card from Starbucks to put inside this one. I can't believe this is the first thing I have made with this set. It was in the mini catalog last winter and just had to have it. And it has never even touched ink until yesterday. I do like it though and I plan to use it a little more this winter. I have several friends who like coffee so it will make some cute cards to send to them!
Of course I plan to spread these goodies out over a few weeks, but I think my secret pal will be pleased with the goodies (I hope). I just got on a kick yesterday and made all these things. I need to look back at my list to see what she likes again so I can make some more goodies for her!


My Paper World said...

All your crafty pojects are gorgeous! I love them all!

Anonymous said... should be all inspired now that you went to the scrap convention!! I came home and put together 3 pages!! I bought way too much, but that was like a mini vacation day for me...expensive, but short day!! I need to order the scallop punch next time you place an order so let me know!