Monday, October 08, 2007

Writing Round Up Scrapbook

I thought I would post a little something today. Last week was a wild week at shcool! Tuesday we had a field trip. So needless to say that after that it was hard to keep the kids focused the rest of the week. Then Tuesday night we had an open house and PTA meeting at school. The school's first smart board was installed in my classroom and the principal asked me to do a demonstration for parents who came. I had quite a few parents and kids come in to see how it was used. Wednesday morning we had a fundraiser assembly. Thursday was Colonial Day. The kids made butter, had baked apples, and played some colonial games. Then Friday was Writing Round Up. They dressed up like cowboys and we read cowboy books. Then they picked their favorite and wrote an expository essay about it. We had chili, grilled cheese, and smores. The kids had a great time and so did we! We have a week off from school, all I can say is thank goodness for fall break! lol It comes every year just when we need it.

So I decided to make a little scrapbook to put the kids' pictures in from writing round up. If you read my blog you know I'm not a scrapbooker so this was a challenge for me. Once I got started on these pages it fell into place. I still have more pages to do but this is what I have so far.
I don't know how many pictues I'm going to end up with because we had a lot of parents taking pictures. So I figured if I don't have enough pictues to fill up the book I'm going to do some journaling. This is a little new to me so I'll just work on it and let you know how it turns out.
I'm off work this week so I hope to find some time to stamp and I'll post here soon!


Lynn Mercurio said...

OK, you have peaked my curiosity...what is a 'smart board'...does that mean the kind I had as a kid was a 'dumb board'? (you know the big black ones that you actually used chalk on!) I've never heard the term before and my kids have been out of school for a few years. :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you have the heart of a scrapbooker...don't hold back!!

Lynn H.