Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yucky Swap!

I am part of the secret sisters on SCS. For this round our coordinator came up with a yucky swap for us to do. Here is the information we received:

make a package containing the following:
one or two of your favorite embelishment
half a sheet of cardstock scored in half of your mostundesired, "would not use even if its the last cardstock you have"color
quarter sheet cardstock of your sister's most undesired color
neutral cardstock of varying size for stamping (very vanilla, whisper white, the like)
a couple of punch outs of your favorite color IE: round tab punch, circle punch outs, etcput it all in an envelope, and mail it to your little sis

LIL SIS:when you recieve the package, your job is to make the prettiest card ever with both of your most undesirable color
So here is my end result- I did bend the rules a little because there was no way I could use the whole piece of green and all those punches! Big sis- if you are reading this you really challenged me with this one. I love green but those two colors are the two that I dislike the most! So I added a little pink when I colored in the images and tried to tone down that green. Wow- what a challenge that was!

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