Friday, July 27, 2007

Monkey Cup

I picked up this coffee cup from Starbucks this summer. I used a gift card that one of my kids gave me at the end of last school year. They know I love coffee and I was tickled to get a gift card. There was quite a bit on it so I got the cup and several stops at Starbucks. Now we even have a Starbucks on the way to school! Too bad the giftcard is all used up! lol
So when I got the monkey stamps I just had to add them to my cup. I know it is not real fancy but I still love it! School starts Monday so I'll start using it then! BTW- I teach 5th grade and I love it! This year I get to teach Reading, Language, and Science (my favorite subject)!


Anonymous said...

I forgot I have one of these cups! I just never used it 'cause Starbucks was so far away and now they're practically across the street. YIPPEEE!! I will dig it out now. I always used scrapbook paper for the season...never thought of stamps. Will try that next. Love the monkeys!

Do you actually take this to Starbucks and have them fill it up? Or do you buy your drink and dump it in there??? I am such a lost old lady...but hey, I try!!
Lynn H.

Valerie said...

ok I need to put on my to do list GO TO STARBUCKS hehe I need one of those cups and with monkeys OMG its my dream cup! WAY CUTE!