Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Stampin' Space

OK, I finally decided to break down and take some pictues of my stamping space.

The first picture shows the top of my desk. This is where I stack all my stamp pads. I have them in color stacks;, red/pink, black/brown, blue/purple, green, yellow/orange. I don't have anything to put my stamp pads in and I find that stacking them up works best for me. I can just glance up and find the colors I need pretty quick. Plus, I don't know if a ink pad catty would fit in the space I have. As you can see it is only about 2 stamp pads wide!

The second pictures is of the back part of my desk that I can see when I'm sitting in my chair. I got a sheer rod to put ribbon on but I don't have near enough space on the rod so I have a lot of ribbon stuck here and there. Plus my hubby got a piece of blue foamy stuff and I tabbed it on the back of the desk to give myself a place to stick things up. You can also see lots of glitter, pens, and cups to hold my different tools.

Here is the shot that shocks my friends! I bought a 4 foot shelf like you find in the laundry room. My wonderful husband put it up over my desk. We don't have any storage in our apartment so I don't have any closets to hid things in. I started off with my stamps in a clear tub but then I ended up with too many. So here are my stamps. I just stand in the chair and grab what I need. The funny thing is that this is not all my SU sets. I have several of them in the hall closet and my friend Trace still has several of my sets!

The next few pictues are the drawers I use to store all my little goodies in. That little pink tote on top is where I put all my finished cards. As you can see it is overflowing! Then in the top set of drawers I have little punches, clips, rhinestones, paper bags, twill tape, etc.

The tall black drawers is a unit I picked up at Staples when they had them on sale. I have adhesives, reinkers, water color crayons, large punches, non SU stamps, cuttlebug stuff, prima flowers, and things to alter. This thing is a life saver!

I have this large tote in the floor next to my stamping desk. I have all my SU paper in folders according to the SU color and then I divided them out by color (all blues together, green together, etc.).
This final set of drawers is full of glitter, embossing powder, eyelets, brads, clips, beads, pastels, and so on. This is stuck in the left hand corner of my desk.
So that is it, my stamping space. It's not my dream set up but I'm making do with the space I have! I'm just glad to have a place that I can go and sit down to work there. I can't imagine having to drag all this stuff to another room to stamp.


Amy said...

Thanks for posting these pics. For some reason I love to look at the spaces others use to stamp in. Not sure why. I like to look for clever ideas and just see what inspires people.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Very organized and makes great use of your space available! I have good space, but can't decide how to organize. I think that is way I don't stamp much because it is all organized, but stuck in a closet. I need a stamp place, a scrapbook space and a sewing space. Do you guess that is possible all in one room?? That's my dream to organize this one room to perfection. I'll probably be dreaming for awhile. I love the tub of paper. What do you do with pattern prints of paper that you only pruchased 1 or 2 sheets??

Lynn H.