Monday, June 11, 2007

Ever seen a card that takes 3 days to make?

Well, here it is. I made my normal six cards and once I started coloring my neck would get sore. I guess it is because I colored it with Prismacolor and then I went back and used odorless mineral spirits. It takes longer to do it that way but once you do it then you can't not do it! So I would make one or two and then I would have to quit for a while to give my neck time to recover. Do you guys do that? I get so involved in coloring that I think I have to get right down on it to see it. I can see just fine because I had my contacts in but I still have to get right on top of it. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to work on another card! Chris is taking my car tomorrow so I'll be stuck at the house. So I will have to stamp to keep from going stir crazy! I'll post my new cards as soon as I get them made.

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Quilt Nut said...

too cute! love them!!