Monday, June 04, 2007

Father's Day Cards

This morning I was up at 7:30, which is super early for me when we are not in school. Since I was up so early I decided to get some stamping done before I left for the doctor. When I saw the challenge on SCS I knew it would be perfect for a Father's Day card. It took me a few tried to get that shirt folded right. I practiced with copy paper. So, when I finally got it I folded up a few of them before I forgot how to do it. I used the word window punch to make the tie. I also trimed another word window punch and put it in to make it look like the tie is actually coming out from under the collar. I like the way it looked with this SU DP. I actually had some manly looking paper to do this with.
When I was going through marking my retired stamps I was so sad to see this one! I just love this stamp set and when I first got it I used it all the time! So I had to pull it out and make a card. I'm not thrilled with the outcome but it works. My friend and I are going to have a "retirement" party for all the SU stamps we are saying so long to. We are trying to pull together some samples using all the soon to be retired stamps we have. So I knew I would have to have a Best of Cluck card to contribute.
Well, for those of you who want to know the doctor's visit was very disappointing. He is stumped just like the other 5 doctors I have been to before him. After a 2 hour drive there and an hour and a half wait I just couldn't listen to another doctor tell me what he had to say. I could have quoted to him what he was going to say because I have heard it so many times.
"IBS? IBD? We can't find anything wrong. Even with a diagnosis this will never go away."
Obviously, I had a mini-meltdown after we left the office. My friend who went with me, Kelly, was so sweet. I know there wasn't much she could do while I was standing there crying, but she did let me know that she was there for me. I really appreciate her for that! I really am looking up information on the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. I am so upset right now that I could just wallow in self pity, but what would that acomplish? Nothing! Tomorrow is a new day and maybe I'll get to start the day by stamping some like today!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am so sorry you did not get to hear "I have a clue"...I started my morning thinking of you and you have continually been on my mind. I was so hoping this was THE doc for you. Your disappointment is great, but for some reason your bumpy road was meant to be a little longer. Hopefully, one day, you'll be able to look back and say "OH....that's why!" On the bright side, luckily it is not affecting that great creativity of yours! I love the paper folding clothes. I remember Hobby Lobby used to have a book on all kinds of paper clothes, I just could never think of any way to use them! Now that I have ideas, I can't locate the book anywhere! Guess that's life in the creativity field. Hang in there, enjoy your summer and keep those cards coming...I'll keep praying for you and the "right" doctor to find each other and enjoy your blog and card updates! Thanks for all the inspiration.

Lynn H.

Laura said...

I found your blog through SCS and I love your cards!! I think I can feel your frustration with medical issues. I went to doctors and had tests done and got a similair response... we can't find anything in the tests, it may be IBS but there is not alot we can do for that anyway! After I spent the day in tears I decided I better start learning to deal with my stomach pain. Good Luck and I do hope you can find answers!!