Friday, May 11, 2007

I've been tagged!

Wendy said...
Hello! I've been blog surfing on new blogs I haven't seen before. You do beautiful work!! Your blog is fun to look at. I was tagged by another blogger and now I'm tagging you. Here's what you do... list 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 other bloggers! I'm on my way to tagging the others and listing 7 things about myself. Have fun!

OK, so I have been putting this off and I finally have time to sit down and come up with 7 things about myself.

1. I am an elementary school teacher. I have taught 1st grade for 3 years and 5th grade for 2 years. I love them both, but right now I teach 5th grade. I love this grade because I can teach them details about science, which I love!

2. Something a little funny, in high school I was a goth girl. I wore a lot of black and listened to some unusual music that was not main stream. If you know me this is hard to believe. However, I grew out of it.

3. I have my B.S., Master's degree, and Educational Specialist Degree- all in elementary education. I was working on my B.S. in Biology but I changed my major. So it took 7 years to get my undergraduate degree and 2 years to get both my masters and EdS. My dad jokes that I did it backwards. You are suppose to get your undergrad in 4 years and take longer to get your masters and EdS.

4. Every night I love taking long baths with a good book. I prefer mysteries and horrors. Some nights my hubby knocks on the door to make sure I'm still alive.

5. I watch scary movies with my hands over my face. When something scary happens I squeeze my fingers together so I can't see it. My husband picks at me and wants to know if I can squeeze my fingers together faster than I can close my eyes!

6. I collect frogs but I'm afraid of the real thing. However, I don't have a problem dissecting dead ones.

7. My kids (at school, I don't have any at home) think I'm a cool teacher who will talk about gross stuff. One told me the other day that I rock because I will talk to them about gross science stuff that no one else would talk about. If I remember correctly, the conversation had to do with surgery, organ donations, and the body farm.

8. I know I'm only suppose to do 7 but I just had to add this one. I'm a great shot! My hubby taught me to shoot and he is a great teacher. I have my own pistol (I got it for my anniversary) and here is my latest target:

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Michelle Tweedy said...

I like your blog! Thanks for commenting on my SCS card. I'll be bookmarking your blog to check back later. Great job on your taget practice. My dad taught me to shoot and I'm pretty darn good, too!