Sunday, February 03, 2008

For my science fair judges

I know, I know- I haven't posted in forever and now I've post twice in one day. I made these two notebooks for the high school teachers coming down to our school next week to judge the science fair. They volunteer their time to come down and see what our elementary kids do for the science fair. This is the first time we have had high school teachers come down and I wanted to make a little something for them.

I just have one problem... the third judge is a man- OMG! What do I do? I know he doesn't want a flower notebook! I don't have any money from the school to spend. So whatever I do comes from my pocket. Does anyone have any suggestions?


chelemom said...

Love these!!! My name is Michele (with one l), I am a 5th grade teacher, and I used to have a Pom named Sebastian!

Pegi Taylor said...

Darling journals. I miss you. I am so sorry that I don't write like I should. Work is so busy. I absolutely love the latest work you have put here on your blog. Maybe stamping and Nintendo go hand in hand.

Big hugs from Pegi, Willow, and Isabella.

P.S. We got a little present for our most dearest stamping friend. I will be sending it off shortly.

Linda said...

Just found your blog here and when I saw another stamper mention that dreaded word "Crohns" I had to respond. Cute journals. I am including my email in case you want to discuss that "C" thing.

inkylin at new dot rr dot com