Monday, December 24, 2007

Gift Box

Here is a box I made for some cash I'm giving for Christmas. I wanted to have a cute little box to put it in. I used the SU Christmas paper and a few pieces of chipboard. I also added a little tag that I had and a little bling in the middle.
I have ordered some more stamps with my Christmas money so I'll be stamping again soon. I'm off work for a week or so- so I do plan to make some new things and update my blog.
Things have been so crazy at school that I haven't had much time to do much stamping lately. When I get home I'm worn out! With my time off work I'm going to clean up my stamping desk and make some new goodies!


HEWY said...

Wow, That's really nice! Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Love the box! Your last one inspired me to make one for Kelsey to take a $5 gift card to the Youth Christmas party and play dirty santa! It was sooooo cute! I made it at the very last minute, so I did not take pictures. Do you always use altoid boxes? I do not like the idea of having to eat a bunch of those things to make more boxes...figured you may have another idea.

I thought about you today. My grandson received a gift called the eyeclops. You hook it up to your TV and it looks like a giant eyeball on a stick. You hold the eyeball up to anything and it magnifies it onto the TV screen! We did fabric, dead bugs, our skin, hair, eyes, got really gross! I told Kelsey, "Mrs. White will have to have one of these after she sees it"!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and wishing you a wonderful year in 2008. See you soon. Lynn H.